Hay Cooked Carrots, Candied Violet, Grapefruit Curd
(V) Local & Regional

Foie Gras Mousse, Cured Venison,
Kohlrabi, Chocolate, Elderflower
(GF) Local & Regional

Pork Jowl, Rosehip, Wakame,
Cabbage Juice
(GF) Local & Regional

Baby Squid, Dandelion, Garlic leaf,
Mountain Pepper, Lemon Myrtle

Parsley Root, Nasturtium, Mud Crab,
Shichimi Tōgarashi
(GF) Local & Regional

Main Menu 

Steamed Murray Cod, Textures of Pumpkin,
Pink Onion, Red Verjuice
(GF) Local & Regional

Rabbit Roulade, Potato Tortellini,
Cauliflower, Roselle, Braised peanut

Berkshire Pork Striploin, Ginger Bread Puree,
Broccolini, Prunes
Local & Regional

Salt Grass Lamb Rack, Sweet Bread, Eggplant,
Glazed Watermelon Rind, Miso

Riverina Angus Tenderloin, Lovage Puree, Sour Onion,
Mushroom Salad, Sauce Bordelaise
(GF)Local & Regional

Side orders ($12.00)

Beetroot, Goats Curd, Rhubarb Kimchi, Liquorice

Roast Potato with Rosemary

Steamed Beans, Cranberry Mustard, Bacon, Dill



Roast Peach, Olive Oil Pastry Cream,
Peach Leaf Gelato, Walnut Crumbs
(GF) Local & Regional

Camomile Cloud, Cake Puree, Cumquat,
Spiced Rice Bubbles

Pine Parfait, Pine Bark Caramel, Yoghurt Sorbet,
Berries, Bacon Crumbs
(GF) Local & Regional

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Truffle,
Raisin Cake, Parsley, Apple

2 Courses - $95
3 Courses - $125
Side Orders - $12

Denotes sourced within the radius of 100 miles,
with 80% containing local or regional ingredients.

Weekends and public holidays - set price 3 courses $125

* Sample Menu only - subject to seasonal changes

Group Booking: For bookings of 6 or more people we will require credit card details to secure the booking and to process a deposit. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the expected total will be processed on your card, but should you need to cancel your booking we ask that you give us at least 7 days notice, or incur a cancellation fee of $95 per person during weekdays and $125 per person on Saturday nights, public holidays and long weekends.

A 1.5% surcharge applies for the use of Visa and Master Cards
3% surcharge applies for the use of American Express and Diners Cards